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22-Dec-2017 22:18

In 2002, he graduated with a major in film directing.

Actor, director, fashion model, voice actor, artist On his father’s side, he is of Manx, Swiss-German, Irish, English, and Scottish descent, whereas, on his mother’s side, he has Scottish, English, German and Dutch ancestry.

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Before entering mainstream acting, Matthew Gubler is said to have been dating the American singer Eve Wind.

I don't look like this, and you're awful, and you must hate me.' And I'm crushed by it, so I kind of am weird about being in the room when it's shown.""Is my portrait up there? "Maybe the eyes." (Swollen, purple.) "Yeah, it looks like blood, that's lipstick. "How do I explain it — I've had a lot of coffee, so I'm not (making sense) here, but people are — it's weird because you can't really describe it.