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Some of these standards are solid biblical truths, while others are personal opinions based on years of counseling and observation.

Let me start with a few statements of fact: Being single does not mean that you are less valuable than married people, and it’s far better to be single than married to the wrong person.

David Bradshaw (Retired) Horticulture Dept., Clemson University.I see singles struggling to navigate dating and serving God faithfully at the same time from all age groups.With that in mind, these six dating standards are directed towards every age group.Sidney ("Pop") and his partner Florence ("Ma") have six children, eldest daughter Mariette, followed by their only son Montgomery, and other daughters Primrose, twins Zinnia and Petunia, and Victoria.

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Ma is a housewife while Pop supplements his farm income with various other not entirely legitimate enterprises.Singles seem to fall through the cracks in our churches. It’s one of those hard to avoid problems that just naturally occurs.